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Our vision as heritage consultants is to create a future for our past. We believe that truly sustainable management of heritage only comes about when it has a viable future; a future that balances cultural heritage significance against the needs of current and future generations. Our mission is to work with you, decision makers, approvals bodies, heritage organisations and the community to achieve the best possible outcome for both the heritage place and your project.

We each have a genuine and long standing commitment to the sustainable management of heritage places and recognise the value of heritage in creating our sense of place and identity whether that be in metropolitan Melbourne, regional Victoria or elsewhere in Australia. The preservation of our heritage doesn’t just improve the quality and diversity of our built environment, it also powerfully communicates who we are as a society and what we value.

We use collaborative partnerships to bring together the necessary skills and resources to get the best outcome for both clients and their heritage places. We work with a wide range of consultants across architecture, archaeology, engineering, history and planning to ensure we can provide the most comprehensive service possible.

GJM Heritage and Purcell now offer combined services in heritage consultancy and architectural conservation. Sharing our resources, skills and expertise enables both practices to increase the range and scope of heritage services offered. The strategic collaboration combines the local knowledge and heritage expertise of GJM with the international experience, practical conservation skills and resources at Purcell.