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former Aitken’s Distillery, Wellington Street, Collingwood

GJM Heritage were called on by Shelley Roberts Architect to provide advice on window materials and openings at the former Aitken’s Distillery on Wellington Street in Collingwood. Some beautiful descriptions of the building and the distillation process can be found in extracts taken from the Carlton Advertiser and Trades Advocate of 8 and 15 April 1882 respectively.

“the whole frontage to Northumberland-street, is occupied by a  substantial two-story brick building, 76 feet x 30 feet, from the south end of which a massive tower, 30 feet square rises to a height of 60 feet. It contains six storys, each of which is lighted by eight large, circular headed windows – two in each side, – and ornate string courses of white bricks, mark the different floors. The tower is surmounted by an elegant cornice and parapet the whole presenting a handsome and substantial structure.

IMG_0561     IMG_0555
This historical research, combined with an on site inspection and reference to Professor Miles Lewis’ online database Australian Building: A Cultural Investigation enabled the material and historical form of the original windows to be established to the satisfaction of the City of Yarra.  This information is being used to inform the design of this element of the redevelopment.
Client: Shelley Roberts Architect