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former Holy Cross Catholic Church and Presbytery, Dalyston

The former Holy Cross Catholic Church is a simple weatherboard church dating from 1901. It and the Edwardian Presbytery are of historic and aesthetic significance to the Dalyston area and are included in the Heritage Overlay of the Bass Coast Planning Scheme. The Church and Presbytery are set within an expansive lawn reserve that is contained by impressive rows of mature Monterey Cypresses along all four boundaries.

former Holy Cross Church, Dalyston   former Presbytery, Dalyston

Now in private ownership a development is proposed that will subdivide part of the land on which the Church and Presbytery are sited.  This development will enable the repair and conservation of the historic buildings while retaining the integrity of their setting including the mature stands of Cypress trees. GJM Heritage was commissioned to prepare a Heritage Impact Statement to Bass Shire Council including recommending measures to mitigate the impact of any future development.

Client: property owners